You don’t want to let your website content go stale. Your business is not standing still and your website shouldn’t either. 

We offer a range of web maintenance packages to keep your content current and ensure your web applications and links are working properly. We offer On-Demand maintenance services as well as unique packages including Monthly Basic. 

We’ll make the process hassle-free and can often perform the maintenance within a few hours of your request if urgent.

Maintenance Services Typically Include:

  • Updates Pages – Images & Text
  • New Pages, Forms or Other Features
  • Speed & Tuneup Optimizations
  • Professional Business Email Accounts
  • Website security checks
  • Website training and on-going support
  • Adding new blog posts 
  • Minor Search Engine Optimization tweaks
  • Hack Protection, 24/7 Security Monitoring
    We install a number of security plugins that will put a safety net around your site, keeping the bad guys out and alerting us if there is suspicious activity. We also regularly scan your site for any malware or viruses that might have been uploaded through a rogue plugin or theme.

  • Regular Backups to the Cloud
    We regularly backup your site and store it securely off-site. All plans.
  • Weekly Updates
    We keep all versions of WordPress, Themes* and Plugins* up-to-date. Any critical security patches will be applied on day of release. All plans.
  • Activity Tracking
    We keep an audit log of all activity on your site so that if there’s a problem, we can track it back to its origin. All plans.
  • Uptime Monitoring
    We run automated testing of your site every few minutes to make sure it’s still online. If it’s not we’ll quickly check it out. If it turns out to be something that can’t be quickly resolved, we’ll contact you to discuss options. 

  • Google Analytics Connected
    We will connect your site to your Google Analytics Account. 

Our Maintenance Process:

We sell a pre-paid block of hours that covers any of the above-mentioned services and these hours never expire, so you can use them at anytime. We usually provide assistance within a day or two, or right away for emergencies.

Why Is Regular WordPress Maintenance So Important?

WordPress is the planet’s most popular content management system, which also makes it a prime target for hackers.

The WordPress software itself is inherently safe, but third-party themes and plugins are one of the primary ways hackers attack WordPress, by exploiting out of date software.

Keeping your WordPress site safe and your themes and plugins up-to-date requires constant attention, something you likely don’t have time to do yourself.

But not doing it can lead to hacked sites and lost business.


If your business needs help keeping its website safe and updated