The 15 Best Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

If you use Google Chrome like almost 60% of internet users, you need a well-equipped browser that will maximize your productivity.

That’s good, that’s the subject of this article.

The 15 best Chrome extensions we’ll show you today will help you with:

  • Your content search
  • Analysis of your competitors
  • Content creation
  • Managing your tasks
  • Your SEO strategy
  • Use of your social platforms

So open up your Chrome Web Store and get ready to download extensions that will change your everyday life for the better! You will soon wonder how you managed to work so long without these tools.

If you spend time reading articles on the web to find inspiration as part of your content strategy, or to seek out quality sources, Liner is a must-have.

Remember your school years spent highlighting text in books … Liner gives you the same possibility, for web pages! The content you highlight is saved and reappears each time you visit your page. If you want to share an article with a colleague, you can also share only what you have highlighted to save them time. Multiple colors are available and you can organize the highlighted content into folders. Simple and efficient.

2. LinkClump

In the same vein as Liner, LinkClump is essential if you read articles daily, or if you need to consult several pages from Google results. Or to book your next vacation in the south, but that’s not the subject of the article. 

Quite simply, LinkCump lets you select multiple links from a results page to open them all at once in new tabs. No need to go back and forth from the results page. To use it, just press z and frame the links you want to open with your mouse.

3. SEM Rush Rank

The usefulness of SEM Rush for digital marketing is well established. Analysis of keywords, backlinks, traffic sources: SEM Rush gathers all the data necessary to optimize your presence on the web. SEM Rush Rank is one of our best Chrome extensions for marketing because it gives you this kind of data instantly for all the websites you visit, including those of your competitors.

Obtaining data from your competitors on their traffic sources, their most effective keywords, or their SEM advertising spend will help you optimize your web strategy in real time.

Note that you still need a SEMRush subscription in order to benefit from all the functionality of this tool.

4. OneTab

OneTab converts all of your open tabs into a list that you can review and restore each time you open your browser.

If you’re the type of person who has dozens of tabs open in your browser until you get a line of illegible little triangles, OneTab is for you. Along with organizing your browser, OneTab will save you RAM memory, which means your computer will finally stop slowing down (there’s nothing more irritating). The concept is simple, but the gain in space and organization that OneTab provides justifies that we include it in our top 15 of the best Chrome extensions for marketing.

5. Alexa Traffic Rank

If you are interested in digital marketing data, Alexa will become one of your best friends. This extension allows you to analyze a website’s data in a fraction of a second, such as its loading speed, backlinks, or most viewed pages.

6. Evernote Web Clipper

If you write for the web or produce any type of content that uses screenshots of your own, Evernote Web Clipper will be a great ally. 

7. Lastpass

LastPass is a password manager. It is among our best Chrome extensions for the time saving it offers. No more sticky notes and hard-to-find Drive files. This tool keeps and memorizes all your passwords in a completely secure way. You are automatically logged in to every website with a password saved on LastPass. Also, when you sign up for a new service, LastPass fills in your information and generates a secure password at random.

8. Focus

Are you easily distracted? The focus will help you keep your goals in view by blocking websites that slow you down in your daily tasks. This can include your personal social media, news sites, or even travel sites.

Upon installation, Focus will ask you what your personal and professional goals are, and provide you with inspirational quotes every time you try to connect to a website that is detrimental to your productivity. Effect assured.

9. Hashtest

If you share your content on social media like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, Hashtest will help you choose the most effective and relevant hashtags based on the topic of your post. This tool allows you to test and compare different hashtags in real time to ensure the best reach for your social media posts.

10. Word Counter Plus

Word Counter Plus is seemingly simple and basic, but it can be very useful when writing web content. With a right click, this extension allows you to count the number of words and characters of any fraction of text you select on your computer. If you need to regularly write meta descriptions, SEO titles, or any other content with an imposed character and word limit, this tool will make your life much easier.

11. Hunter

Hunter, as the name suggests, is simply one of the best Chrome extensions for prospecting. Whether for sales or for your backlinks strategy, this extension allows you to get all the professional email addresses associated with a website. Be careful though to respect anti-spam laws when using this extension for prospecting!

12. MailTrack

If you are used to the Whats’app application, you will surely recognize the usefulness of the little arrows that indicate whether your message has been read. MailTrack offers the same functionality for your mailbox. So you no longer have to wonder if your colleagues or customers read your last email, MaisTrack will tell you by displaying two arrows (✓✓).

13. Datanyze

Just like Alexa, SEM Rush Rank, and Hunter, Datanyze gives you a compendium of information about the company whose website you are visiting. The number of employees estimated income, email addresses, news, CRM used, most popular keywords … A set of relevant data that will help you flesh out your strategy and improve your understanding of the competition.

14. Momentum

In the same vein as Focus, Momentum is one of our best Chrome extensions for its ability to increase productivity for its user. By offering you personalized visuals each time you open a tab, Momentum allows you to keep in view your daily goal and your to-do list. Simple but terribly effective.

15. One Click Extensions Manager

If you’ve installed all 14 of our best Chrome extensions so far, you’ll notice that your Google Chrome extensions menu is starting to take up some space. And since the goal of this article is above all to help you gain in productivity and organization, let’s finish with One Click, the extension that brings all your extensions together in one place!

You are now equipped with the best Chrome extensions!

Now all you have to do is get used to each of these new tools and make them your own. Working with the best Chrome extensions won’t just make you more comfortable. You will save precious time, and we can’t tell you enough, time is money!

And of course, the Chrome Web Store is huge, and the best Chrome extensions for marketing probably aren’t limited to our picks. Linked Sales Navigator, Hubspot, Boomerang, 1Password, Push by Zapier, Save to Pocket … many great extensions are waiting for you to try them! But with these 15 tools, your productivity should already come out on top.