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What is Google Ads?

Advertising on Google is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or paid search. It’s one way to quickly reach potential customers on the web.
Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform. This tool allows businesses to target specific users based on the keywords they use in their Google queries. An adwords expert can create different ad formats that very often direct Internet users to an optimized page on the website. The cost of a click on a Google Ads ad is determined based on the competitiveness of the target keyword; the more companies want to display their offer in response to a specific request, the more expensive it will be to click on an ad.

What are the advantages offered by our Google Ads agency in Ottawa?


    Your customers have very specific characteristics. This is why, like a Facebook Ads expert, an adwords specialist offers a multitude of precise targeting criteria. Posting hours, demographics, location, visit history … our agency in Ottawa determines and activates the optimal targeting criteria that will allow you to reach the right prospects. The quality of targeting will play a key role in maximizing your conversion rate.

    Unlike traditional marketing whose returns are complex if not impossible to measure precisely (billboards, radio, etc.), a Google campaign lets you know exactly where and how your dollars are being invested. It’s simple: you only pay when your ad receives a click. A strong argument especially when you know that Internet users who click on an ad are on average 50% more likely to consume on your page than a normal visitor. This visibility allows our adwords specialists to continuously optimize the use of your budget where it earns you the most.

    Have you just had an idea for a temporary promotion that you are convinced will perform? Our Google Ads agency sets it up immediately and allows you to view its performance within hours. Want to be among the top results on Google for a specific term tomorrow? Google Ads SEO makes this possible.

    Unlike the work you do with an SEO service that pays off over the long term on a regular basis, paid search or SEM is turned on and off with one click.

    Google Ads  is the tool that allows you to maximize the use of your marketing budget. If you do not have a defined budget, a Fuel adwords specialist will share their experience with you to establish a budget that is relevant to your objectives. No matter what, you keep total control over the amounts spent. Depending on the performance you can track daily and your one-off goals, you can ask our SEO agency Google to increase or decrease the budget invested in an ad group, Google campaign or specific ad at any time.

    Our SEM agency in Ottawa works on your own Google Ads account. This means you can see how your ads are performing in real time, at your desk or by looking at the Google Ads app between emails. Nothing can escape you. An adwords expert will also provide you with a monthly report made up of key indicators that will allow you to accurately visualize the profitability of your Google advertising efforts.

    Have you invested in a website maintenance and social media management contract? You are right because it is essential to the success of your web strategy. But unfortunately, that is not enough for your business to reach its full potential.

In addition to its immediate profitability, Google Ads also strengthens your web presence and visibility. You position your business in front of potential customers, who, even if they don’t click (and therefore cost you nothing), see your brand. This visibility improves the memorization of your products and services with the Internet users who interest you. This is a significant advantage when we consider that 90% of consumers indicate that advertising influences their purchasing behavior.

And if your landing pages deliver on your Google Ads promise, you’ll also see your website performance metrics like your conversion rate increase. If not, our website design team in Ottawa can also help you optimize these aspects.

    In order to accomplish its mission of maximizing your marketing budget, our Google Ads advertising agency relies on personalized and comprehensive support. You will participate in every decision made as part of your SEM mandate, giving you the opportunity to hone your understanding of one of the web’s most powerful digital marketing levers.

In general, you will be able to better understand the overall buying behavior of your customers by seeing what attracts them, the messages that affect them, what works and what does not work. By working with our Google Ads agency, you will get results, but also key information to continue the

Our Approach to Pay-Per-Click

Our agency has defined a complete and proven method to achieve the specific objectives of each of our clients. In order to cover all the essential points for your search engine marketing, our PPC agency in Ottawa takes into consideration the following steps:

Get a Free Website Audit

Are you investing in SEM but not getting the right results?

Get a comprehensive audit of your website. This report will show all the errors and warnings for your website when it comes to making your website convert clients.

PPC Pricing

Having trouble deciding on an SEO package? Give us a call at 819.592.7664 and we will guide you through your decision. You can also contact us or  send us an email to



  • Montly Google Ads Budget $200 – $1000
  • Creation of accounts
  • Goal creation
  • Research and evaluation of 10 to 20 keywords
  • Google analytics
  • Lead tracking
  • Advertising retargeting
  • Local targeting
  • 1 Monthly follow-up call
  • Montly Activity Report

The first month, you will be charged $300 to cover setup costs. 



  • Montly Google Ads Budget 500 – 2000$
  • Creation of accounts
  • Goal creation
  • Research and evaluation of 20 to 40 keywords
  • Landing Page 2
  • Google analytics
  • Lead tracking
  • Advertising retargeting
  • Local targeting
  • 2 Monthly follow-up call
  • Bi-weekly Activity Report

The first month, you will be charged $500 to cover setup costs. 



  • Montly Google Ads Budget + $2000 
  • Creation of accounts
  • Google Ads + Bing
  • Goal creation
  • Research and evaluation + 40 
  • Landing Page 3
  • Google analytics
  • Lead tracking
  • Advertising retargeting
  • Local targeting
  • 3 Monthly follow-up call
  • Weekly Activity Report

The first month, you will be charged $800 to cover setup costs.

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