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Creating your own IT department entails a considerable cost, so to save costs hiring remote IT support companies to provide you with all technical support is the best choice. We offer you a maintenance and computer support service that dramatically simplifies all work since we have a specialised team with experience in all fields in the computer science area. You will feel as if you have a computer scientist on staff because we will give you computer support for any incident, repair or processing of breakdowns related to software and hardware.

Benefits of Remote IT Support Service

Using remote technology support services offers numerous advantages, but the three primary benefits are:


Remote access technology allows flexibility when you need IT support. If you feel you need to meet with your assigned network administrator face-to-face, you can, but with remote IT services, you can also opt to get some guidance through remote access.


Since IT administrators can address specific problems off-site, it eliminates the need to have an in-person visit to handle every little issue that may occur. This reduces downtime and the increased costs of having someone drive out to your office. That can add up to substantial savings.


Your assigned network administrator has access to your network round the clock. Our Braintek Brains set alerts that notify them anytime your network experiences a glitch or issue. No matter the time of day. They may know of a potential problem and correct it before you do.

What Is Remote IT Support?

The phrase, remote IT services, refers to a system that allows a person to connect with and use a specific computer or network from a remote location. That way, your IT consultants won’t have to make you wait until they can physically come out to the office when you experience a problem. They can address your concern remotely using remote access software.

Give your staff a better level of support without paying for the extra expenses that arise when you add a full-time IT employee. You’re offering more help at a far better price.




IT Support Service: What we do

Our computer tuneup services are one of our most popular online PC support services. Over time your PC will start to run slower as you install more and more software over the years. The best way to restore your computer speed is to have a manual tuneup where we remove your junk programs, optimize your start-up items and clean out unneeded files on your hard drive. We also teach you how to maintain your computer moving forward, so computer problems do not reoccur in the future.

Peripheral devices are the countless devices you can attach to your computer. This includes printers, USB devices, cameras, and others. While these peripheral devices are meant to be plug-and-play, that is only sometimes the case. Sometimes, a device such as a printer will require finesse to function with your computer properly. We can get your device working correctly, so you don’t waste valuable time fixing the PC problem yourself.

Computer viruses are a reality for consumers even if they have purchased a reputable anti-virus program like Avast or McAfee. Because viruses and malware are more sophisticated, they can bypass many anti-virus products today. Our remote virus removal service is done remotely by our online tech support experts, and we don’t just sell you more junk software that claims to remove your computer virus. We have no software to sell you, just computer virus removal by our expert technicians.

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