Create your online store with Shopify

More and more, it is becoming important for companies to be present on the web. This is especially true for stores with products or services to sell. By choosing an e-commerce website, you offer your customers a new possibility: that of buying online, without having to travel.

In times of crisis like the one we are experiencing now, e-commerce is growing in popularity. But some merchants do not have the skills to create an e-commerce site. However, there are many tools that can help you build your online store easily.

Shopify is one of those ecommerce platforms that makes it easy for you to build your online store. This tool is used by more than one million businesses in more than 175 countries around the world. Plus, no programming or website design knowledge is required with Shopify.

Our Interactive team has created for you a training course dedicated to creating your online store on Shopify. Discover the benefits of our training in the rest of this article.

Why take our Shopify training?

Sometimes setting up your own online store can be tricky. This makes it very useful to receive expert help to launch your online store and optimize it properly for the web.

Faced with the current situation, many entrepreneurs have turned to e-commerce in order to continue their business. Growing demand has led us to create Shopify training to allow more businesses to get help and advice on setting up an online store.

Thanks to our experience in e-commerce site development, we are able to offer you detailed Shopify training that will meet your needs. In addition, we can assist you in the creation of your online store and in your e-commerce strategy if necessary. Our team of experts will answer all your questions to help you create an online store that meets your needs and those of your customers, regardless of your industry.

Here are some of the elements that will be covered during the training:
• Your domain name;
• The configuration and customization of a theme;
• Shipping, tax and payment parameters, among others;
• Adding your products to your online store;
• The creation of promotions;
• Creation and management of a blog section;
• Organization and management of navigation;
• Creation of original content;
• Creation of marketing campaigns;
• Analysis of your data;
• And many others.

Are you ready to start your own online store?

If the answer is yes, register now for our Shopify training to receive the tools, advice and support you need to create your online store and your e-commerce strategy. The training is also ideal for companies starting their first experience with an e-commerce site, for small budgets and for companies who do not want to have to manage a complete web infrastructure.

If you already have an online store with Shopify or another ecommerce platform, but need additional support, our team is here to help!