How to combine Google Analytics and Google Ads?

In this video article, our Google Ads expert Mary-Sarah explains how to link your Google Analytics with your Google Ads account. This tutorial will teach you how to make the association between the last two versions of the two platforms (August 2018). Linking Google Analytics with Google Ads will make you more efficient and functional on a daily basis. So, are you ready? Let’s go!

How to link Google Ads with Google Analytics?

1. Go to the Administration menu of Google Analytics
This is the settings icon at the bottom left of your Google Analytics.

2. Click on “Google Ads Linking” in the central “Property” section
This is one of the first categories in the “Product association” menu.

3. Select the account to link and click on “continue”
When making this selection, make sure that the numbers of the account you select match those of the associated Google Ads account.

4. In the view options, press “select all”
By having at your disposal all the types of views available, you will be able to structure and organize your Google Analytics according to your needs and preferences. This feature will be particularly useful if you manage one or more large accounts.

5. Activate automatic tagging
This feature is installed by default, but still make sure that “auto-tagging” is selected. This will allow you to automatically differentiate the sources of your traffic in Analytics (organic or paid) without having to add tags yourself at the end of your URLs.

6. Click on “Associate accounts”
And it’s over!

What are the advantages of linking Google Analytics and Google Ads?

A better view of the distribution of your traffic
By associating Google Ads and Google Analytics, you will have access to all the data of your paid referencing in your Google Analytics. In the same interface, you can therefore compare and measure the impacts of your natural and paid referrals on your website and your objectives.

Simplified configuration for your remarketing campaigns
Google Analytics continuously records data about your visitors. This data is particularly useful for targeting your remarketing campaigns. You can now import this data directly from Analytics to create your remarketing campaigns in Google Ads.

Better analysis of the performance of your Google Ads ads
You will be able to import your Google Analtytics goals (for example filling out a specific contact form) into Google Ads. With this feature, you will know exactly which conversions are coming from your Google Ads ads. This will give you a better view of the performance of your Google Ads ads and allow you to optimize them as best as possible.