The Benefits of a Google My Business

If your Google My Business account isn’t up to date, or worse if it doesn’t exist! the following article should be of interest to you.

Not only is this an impeccable tool to ensure great visibility and solid SEO, but a GMB account is also essential and not only when you have a business with a fixed address. Why will you ask us?

There are few organic SEO tools that are free and that give you as much visibility as Google My Business! Both to help you develop your natural referencing and to geo-locate you on a map in the eyes of your future, current and ideal clients, GMB is also able to rank you better on search engines. It’s known, Google loves it when you use its tools! This will give you an excellent platform on the most popular search engine on the web.

Organic Advertising

No need to pay large amounts to stand out on the web when you have a Google My Business account behind you! We like the ability to showcase the opinions of people who have done business with you and let the various featured photos speak for you. A bit like a business card or like the web version of word of mouth, your GMB account is your advertising window much less expensive than the Adwords of this world. No it will not replace a keyword or advertising campaign on social networks, but it will still allow you to stand out with effective tools that do not bring any surprise or huge costs in a market that sometimes is so popular that the costs are exorbitant.

Be seen by everyone

Whether it is with the virtual tour or with information targeted according to the fields of interest of your previous and future visitors, your Google My Business account has nothing to do with your competitors or customers who are not interested in your products or services. Creation and implementation is done in such a way that you provide an interesting and relevant forum for people looking for content, services, products and offers similar to yours. The filter is therefore the most natural in the world, and ensures a slightly lower click-through rate to your website but a much more interesting conversion rate!

The Channel that list all the others

Did you know that in general, almost 75% of users search for a business on Google before they even contact it? Google My Business gives you local visibility on the map yes, but also the option to list all the reviews received on Facebook, Trip Advisor and Yelp, making it much more fluid for your customers to consult information. 

Everything is in one place, providing an alternative that sums up your services, products and expertise in the best possible way. We simplify the process, we make sure to reduce the number of clicks that users have to make before having all the important information about your company, its website, its opening hours and the main lines of its offer, all by synthesizing global opinion to make a business card that is nothing like boring business cards!

And last but not least, the essential one for any number-loving nerd (like us!) Is the Google My Business statistics tool. Based on the best algorithms available on the web, Google offers you a super smooth and complete option to track each click in real time, from its origin to its destination. We thus get to see a clear, easy-to-read and detailed portrait of our audience, from newcomers to regulars, allowing us to better understand our customers and to ensure that we always offer them the most essential information.